When’s the Right Time for Family Introductions?

Tips for DatingLet’s face it, dating isn’t the same as it used to be. Not only are things different with the internet and all of the ways to keep in touch with the people you are seeing, you’re in a different place than you were in your early 20s. J Allen is often acting as a matchmaker in Naples, FL for individuals between 30-60 years old, which means approaching dating in a whole new way. That being said, you might be wondering when you should start thinking about family introductions to that someone-special that you’ve been seeing, and we have a few tips for when might be the right time.

What’s your reason for wanting to?

Identifying and understanding your motivation for wanting to introduce someone to your family can help determine if it’s the right time. If you’re seeking family approval on your new relationship, this might be a little overwhelming to be surrounded by people who are protective of you. If you were invited to a couples-event, always be sure you have a clear understanding of your relationship and not to make your date feel that if they accept the date, they are accepting your official relationship.

How will this interaction go?

Family is one of the most important parts of our lives, but trying to introduce different family members to your date every time you see each other can give the wrong impression. If there is a family event that might give your family a brief opportunity to meet and interact without hounding your date on their intentions, you might consider bringing them along.

Have you had discussed this possible interaction?

The most important part of deciding the right time is deciding together. Don’t try to throw your date into the scenario, hoping they will fare well. Having reasonable and mature conversation about when you both feel comfortable with new introductions is the most crucial step. This gives you the chance to discuss your relationship, where it is headed, and if you feel it necessary to begin integrating your lives together more fully.

Finding someone you want to actually introduce your family to is difficult in and of itself, and that’s where J Allen comes in. Janine is a premiere matchmaker in Naples that has helped couples find their happily ever after time and time again. With more questions about her services, please call today at (855) 526-2824.

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