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Are you looking to meet beautiful, single, successful women? Working with J. Allen Matchmaking, you get upscale services and an experienced matchmaker doing the work for you. If you’re a successful, discreet, discerning, single man, chances are you have not met the right woman. Don’t settle.  The kind of woman you are after is hard to find, and you won’t find her in bars, clubs or with an online dating service. That is not your style. Let us find you those Boston dates.

Your search is over. Meet a beautiful, talented, single woman today with J. Allen Matchmaking. We are the upscale, premier matchmaker based in Boston with a national reach. When you become our client we become your headhunter for the heart, dedicating our time to help you meet other Boston singles. Our job is to find you a positive and healthy relationship.

Single Men Boston Ma

“The reason I use a matchmaking service is because I am a high-level executive and wouldn’t be caught dead posting my private life for the public to review via online dating. I also don’t have the time to be trolling through the bars. I outsource almost every activity in my life, whether it be a cleaning service, a dry cleaning pick up, or a headhunter to fill the job openings at my firm. I set high expectations and Janine has met every one of them. I am extremely pleased with the women Janine has introduced me to, and I find her service to be exceptional.”
– Matthew M.

We perform a tailor-made search on behalf of our clients for a premium fee. In return, you retain a headhunter whose goal it is to find you a soul mate. Janine will personally search, screen and hand pick the ideal candidates for you.

Janine is available to you when you are available. J Allen Matchmaking understands that, as a businessman, your time is valuable. While you are closing deals and signing contracts, we are looking for your perfect fit, doing the leg work you don’t have time to do.

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