How to Plan Your First Couples Vacation

It’s hard to believe that after working with a matchmaker in Naples, FL like Janine you would so quickly Boston dating from J Allenconnect with another person. We get it- it can all happen so fast! J Allen Matchmaking is known for bringing together people who are perfect for one another, and now you are looking to plan your first vacation as a couple. It might be nerve-racking, but we have some tips for you as you begin your search!

Create a reasonable budget

No one should have to break the bank on a first vacation. Not only can it cause stress on someone’s finances, but it can also create a lot of additional pressure for it to go well! Discuss your boundaries before you begin planning to ensure you’re on the same page.

Keep it simple

Similar to keeping it affordable, you will also want to choose a place that doesn’t create stress for you. Being located in Florida sure makes travel a lot more fun, so consider keeping it local and straightforward. You want to enjoy yourself, and this is a great place to start!

Plan a few events but stay flexible

Deciding on a few excursions you would like to take together can be a great way to bond, but be sure not to overload your trip! Flexibility allows you both to relax and for any potential problems to arise to hold a lot less weight.

Try something new

We’re not saying do anything you’re uncomfortable with, but one significant part of a newer relationship is getting to experience things for the first time as a couple! You might be surprised to find the parasailing adventure you took was the best part of your whole trip!

If you are someone who is still looking for the perfect person to take a great vacation with, contact us at J Allen. Janine is one of the best matchmakers in Naples dedicated to getting to know you before setting you up with potential matches. She takes the time that the national firms don’t, and for that reason you will see the best results.

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