Myths About Online Dating

If you have never used some kind of online dating service in Naples, Florida, you might be concerned about what you are getting yourself into. J Allen doesn’t blame you for being nervous! We hear myths about online dating time and time again, and though we’re not the same as your typical online dating website, we hear these rumors too. We can think of a few myths that you should just forget about when it comes to online dating.Online Matchmaking Boston

You never know what you will get with an online date. There is this thought process that everyone who uses online dating lies and we’re not sure where that started! Though “catfishing” is something to be aware of, many people who are looking to seriously date and are using these platforms are just looking for an opportunity to meet more people.

Their profile should tell me all I need to know. Remember the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Same applies to dating profiles! Pictures and a textbox might give you a sense of who is on the other end of the screen, but some things just don’t translate well over the internet and we suggest staying open-minded and positive.

Online dating isn’t meant for meaningful relationships. It is true that some dating apps or websites are more prone to a specific kind of relationship, but when you use a site that is known for creating deep and significant relationships like J Allen, you are sure to find a potential match that fits many of the items on your “must have” checklist.

If you’ve been thinking about potentially working with a matchmaker in Naples, J Allen would be happy to help. Between our matchmaking club and working directly with Janine, you will learn immediately that all online dating sites are not the same. With more questions about our services, please call us today at (855) 526-2824.



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