Myths About Matchmakers

When you’ve been in the business as long as Janine, you hear all the crazy misconceptions about Free Matchmaking Bostonmatchmakers in Naples, Florida. We understand, every industry has myths, but there are plenty of them we just can’t ignore. Here are a few of our favorite matchmaker myths and how they are simply not true.

MYTH: Matchmakers are for people who can’t get dates

Matchmaking wasn’t created to see how many dates a person can go on, but finding a meaningful relationship in at least one. On the contrary, nearly all the clients Janine meets with go on dates regularly. What she often helps most is finding someone with similar interests and ideals that complement her client to create a lasting and profound relationship.

MYTH: Only men use matchmakers

You would be surprised to find out that many women use matchmaking services, as well! Janine meets with both men and women who are serious about finding someone they can spend their time with and enjoy. Often, this is a service people prefer to use because they know others are investing for the same reasons, regardless of sex.

MYTH: Matchmakers cost much money

Janine works with people from all walks of life with a variety of backgrounds and financial statuses. She works with all types of professionals, and you might have even past one this morning without realizing it! Regardless of financial circumstances, many are willing to invest in themselves and prioritizing what is important in their life at that moment.

MYTH: Matchmakers and online dating are the same thing

Sure, going online or downloading a free app might be the easier route, but you will never receive the same level of service or attention as you would with a matchmaking professional. Janine takes the time to get to know you, seeks out a compatible partner, and works with you through the dating process. With online dating, you are left to fend for yourself.

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