Myths About Love

Free Matchmaking BostonBoston singles might think they have love all figured out, but Janine knows better. Between grocery store novels and romantic movies, we might have impressions or thoughts on love that are fantasized. Though there are never enough wonderful things we can say about being in love, it’s important to be realistic about relationships and how it can have a negative impact on the way you interact with your significant other.

You know when you’re in love

Though we can talk all day about the butterflies in our stomach or how dizzy our date makes us feel, it does not always mean you are in love. Being infatuated or in lust with someone is possible, and does happen. Before you begin proclaiming your love from the rooftops, take some time to digest your feelings and try to think rationally.

Love is forever

Though we might think we cannot picture our lives without someone, love changes just as people do. We can grow together, and grow apart. It’s important to remember that if your love has run its course, that holding on can just make things more difficult for both parties involved.

The person I love will be perfect for me

Love is all about compromise and understanding, and we can’t think of a single relationship where someone is perfect for another person. Love teaches us to appreciate all aspects of our significant other, even the parts that we might find difficult to deal with.

Once I find the love of my life, I’ll be happy

We have all heard it in the romance novels, and if there is one thing J Allen wants our clients to feel is whole. That being said, we also want our clients to continue being themselves because their individuality is what their partner loved about them in the first place. Find someone who compliments you, not consumes you.

If you’re someone who is looking to date other singles in Boston, MA, and are hoping to meet the love of your life, contact us at J Allen. Janine would be happy to learn about you and what you might be looking for in a significant other. Call us today at (617) 674-4458.

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