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Janine provides a free database for your profile to be viewed and potentially matched with her paying clients!

Free Matchmaking Boston

After filling out this easy intake form, you will become accessible for Janine to review your short profile.

If you fit the criteria of one of Janine’s clients “on paper”, she will then contact you to set up a time to meet and learn a little more about you, your life, work, children, past relationships, goals, and what you are searching for. If at this point you seem like a positive fit, she will send over your first name and bio to the client for review. She will then sit with her client and discuss why she believes it will be a good introduction and set up a date for the two of you with the client’s permission!

Janine will check for availability of both parties, provide instruction for the date, and minimal information of either individual. This allows you to determine what you would like to disclose at your own pace!

We recommend two dates to become more comfortable and learn about each other in different environments. If you decide to set up another date together, that can be done without Janine’s assistance. The only other requirement is to provide the necessary feedback about the date to help Janine improve future dating experiences.

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