Dating With Kids

Getting back into Boston dating after a few years out of it can be intimidating, and it can be even more daunting when there are children involved. J Allen understands that after a committed relationship and having children, it can be hard to navigate through the dating world once again. For that, we have a few tips.

Be sure of your relationship before beginning introductions

It’s been said that it can be unhealthy for a child/children to be introduced to multiple dates as it must lead to mistrust or instability in your relationships. Be sure you’re confident about a long-term relationship with this person before the initial meeting.

Remember every child can react differently

You might have two kids that have no problem with you dating, or three that are apprehensive and have questions. Take into consideration your child’s temperament and age before approaching them with the topic of dating.

Meet in a neutral space

If you’re certain about your date and want to begin introducing them to your children, consider a neutral and fun space. It doesn’t allow for defensive behavior the same way as personal spaces do, and gives you all an activity to do together for the first time.

Be as open and honest as you can

Though we don’t need to express every small detail to our kids, it can be beneficial to talk openly about these relationships. Your child might ask if you are going to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend, or wonder if this means they will have a new parent. Answering their questions can help significantly with their comfortability around your significant other and ensure they are not feeling upset or confused by this shift in normality.

Luckily, Janine has years of experience helping others meet singles in Boston with a varied of backgrounds, including single parents. With more questions about our services and how we can help you find the love of your life, call us today at (617) 674-4458.

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