Why Dating Apps Don’t Work

We here all the time about swiping left and swiping right at J Allen Matchmaking. We are constantly talking to other’s who are looking to meeting singles in the Boston area and the ways they get dates. Dating apps have been useful for many, and give some the courage to strike up a conversation with someone they might have never approached in public. Having thousands of singles at your fingertips can be addicting, but there are quite a few ways we have seen dating apps fail our clients.

It’s easy to ignore or “ghost” someone

We’ve all had the dates that never called us back, but dating apps make this practice more normalized and even expected. Without a word, a potential date can leave you hanging because they lost interest or forgot to respond.

Conversation is forced or doesn’t even begin

The usual, “Hey, what’s up?” feels like a commitment, and that’s only if someone gets the courage to send the first message. Many dating apps feel like a stand-off and we understand how that can turn people off from using the apps at all.

Online Matchmaking BostonThere’s no way to know what the other person is looking for

Unless they spell it out in their profile, you can’t assume anything about your matches on dating apps. They might be looking for a long-term relationship or just a one-night stand. This can make your dating experience uncomfortable and even heartbreaking.

It can make people feel like objects

Technology can disconnect us from the real, physical world and the same can go for dating apps. Remembering that you are communicating with real people can feel distant, and even result in feeling as if you are just a number to a potential match.

Boston dating is already hard enough without technology, but it’s hard to avoid. J Allen Matchmaking would love to work with you to help find a potential match that is looking for the same kind of relationship, is committed to getting to know you, and will never make you feel like just another number.

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