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Common Mistakes Made in Relationships

Being a matchmaker in Naples, FL means Janine has helped many people who have been in other long-term relationships get back in the dating world. Over time, we’ve learned a […]

Dating With Kids

Getting back into Boston dating after a few years out of it can be intimidating, and it can be even more daunting when there are children involved

Finding the Balance in Your Dating Life

As a working adult, it can be hard to find time to meeting other singles in Boston, especially with a demanding career. J Allen Matchmaking is known for working with many people who simply cannot find the time for dating and when we have set you up with a great person, you might be wondering how you are going to now balance your life.

5 Online Dating Mistakes You’re Making

Online dating can be a nightmare for many people, and J Allen has worked with so many individuals that have tried other forms of online dating in Boston and failed. […]

Why Dating as a Single Parent in Boston Is Terrifying

J Allen Matchmaking has worked with every kind of single in Boston. From all walks of life, we have clients with different backgrounds and other considerations, such as children. Meeting […]

Who Uses a Matchmaker?

Knowing there is a large pool of singles out there for you might be exciting and scary at the same time, and we don’t blame you for the mixed emotions! J […]

Where to Meet Other Singles Besides the Bar

Meeting singles in Boston is hard, and it can be even more difficult to decide between the pools of potential matches which person might be the right one for you. […]

5 Ways to Ruin a First Date

Let’s face it, being single is hard, and meeting other singles in Boston, MA is even harder! Though it might be a thriving city for singles, landing that first date […]

When You Should Walk Away from a Dating Service

There are so many variations of dating services out there. International to locally in Boston, singles have been working to learn the difference between good and bad online dating sites. […]

Ways Dating Has Changed in Boston

In the past 10 years, the dating game has changed completely. J Allen has been helped hundreds of clients find potential matches around the Boston area, and we know that […]

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