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5 New Years’ Resolutions for Singles

It’s that time of year to start thinking about our different New Year’s resolutions. If you’re one of the many looking for a dating service in Naples, Florida, there’s a chance […]

What Can We Learn from Failed Relationships?

Failed relationships are complicated, and sometimes we can only find the bad when thinking about them. J Allen can provide dozens of reasons we should appreciate past relationships and the lessons we learn from them.

Am I Too Old for Dating?

When you’re a Naples Matchmaker like Janine, you learn so much about the people you work with, including that many believe they might be too old to date!

Myths About Love

Boston singles might think they have love all figured out, but Janine knows better.

Common Mistakes Made in Relationships

Being a matchmaker in Naples, FL means Janine has helped many people who have been in other long-term relationships get back in the dating world. Over time, we’ve learned a […]

Dating With Kids

Getting back into Boston dating after a few years out of it can be intimidating, and it can be even more daunting when there are children involved

5 Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person

If there’s something we know about dating, it’s that meeting other singles in Boston can be easier said than done. Between all the bad dates we have, it can be […]

When’s the Right Time for Family Introductions?

J Allen is often acting as a matchmaker in Naples, FL for individuals between 30-60 years old, which means approaching dating in a whole new way. That being said, you might be wondering when you should start thinking about family introductions.

Finding the Balance in Your Dating Life

As a working adult, it can be hard to find time to meeting other singles in Boston, especially with a demanding career. J Allen Matchmaking is known for working with many people who simply cannot find the time for dating and when we have set you up with a great person, you might be wondering how you are going to now balance your life.

Tips to Dating Openly

As a matchmaker in Naples, FL, J Allen Matchmaking can understand why it might be difficult to get back into the dating world. Not only can it be as scary as our first real date as a teenager or young adult, we also carry a lot more than we did when we were younger.

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