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Janine Bush, Founder and President

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I live outside of Boston in the suburbs with my husband and two children. I grew up in New Jersey and after going to college at UMass Amherst, decided to stay in Massachusetts. After vacationing in Naples, FL, I fell in love with the area and now split my time between Boston and Naples. I have received such a warm welcome from the Naples community, who agree there is a need for my services, and I’m excited to help all these singles!

Prior to matchmaking, I was a recruiter for an external recruiting firm, which meant companies hired us to recruit and find people for them. I view this job as one of same skill set, as I don’t sit back and wait for people to fill out my intake form; I recruit. I also network with two of the nation’s largest matchmaking associations; which is what provides me a national reach.

I am 100 percent personally accountable for my business, even though I have people throughout the city who help me network and source. My colleagues go to events on my behalf, some are bartenders in the best establishment, some are hairdressers. Whoever works with people are who help me network!

I only take on clients who I know I can help, with whom I know we can have a positive working relationship, and I can develop mutual trust and friendship with. This is the most personal, private search you will ever do, and it’s important for me and my clients to have a great relationship. I work with a limited set of clients at one time so I am available to provide the attention they deserve.


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