5 New Years’ Resolutions for Singles

It’s that time of year to start thinking about our different New Year’s resolutions. If you’re one of the many looking for a dating service in Naples, Florida, there’s a chance you want to make some goals for your dating life this upcoming year! J Allen Matchmaking suggests keeping it simple with these easy and achievable ideas.

Spend some time getting to know yourself

It might seem like a silly notion, but there are lots of people out there who have never taken a chance to think about what exactly they want in a partner. Spending some time getting to know yourself, your needs, and your expectations for others can help you better understand the kind of partner you are subconsciously seeking.

Spring clean

As humans, we hold onto sentiments and moments of our past. If you find yourself holding onto items of old flames or stalking exes on social media, it is time for a spring cleaning! Making this small change can be enough to help give you a pep in your step and prepare for a new and better relationship on the horizon.

Be realistic

Though a fairytale could be your ultimate romantic fantasy, it’s always important to stay grounded and realistic when it comes to new and upcoming relationships. Take the time to set realistic expectations for dates, the people you are dating, and any other elements that make up your dating life.

Don’t be afraid to say yes

It can be scary to get back in the dating world – we would know! We’ve worked as a matchmaker in Naples for hundreds of clients. What’s most important is getting back out there, so don’t be scared to try something new! Go out with some of your single friends, accept a coffee date, or join a successful and reliable matchmaking site. You might be surprised by the outcome!

J Allen would love to work with you to find the love of your life in 2017 and accomplish love-based New Year’s resolutions. If you have more questions, please contact us today at  (617) 674-4458.

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