3 Ways to Change Your Dating Luck!

It’s March, and it’s no surprise that many singles are hoping that they might get a little Irish luck in their dating lives. As a Southwest Florida matchmaker, Janine meets and works with new clients all the time who are looking for new ways to get their dating life fired up again, and we can think of a few ways that might help!

Stay optimistic and confident

So what if you haven’t been on a date in a few months? There is nothing wrong with waiting for someone you are interested in, and it’s important to keep your head up. That last bad date you went on isn’t the end of the world, nor should it stop you from trying again with someone completely different.

Switch up your routine

People are creatures of habit, and if you have been taking the same way to work for seven years, then chances are you’ve seen everyone you pass a hundred times before. Changing up your routine to take a new way to the train or trying out a new coffee shop exposes you to different people, and your true love might be waiting in that crowd.

Put yourself out there

There are so many ways for singles to put out their feelers in an age of technology, so do yourself a favor and increase your chances of meeting someone new. Take your friend up on that blind date, or even invest a little in a great matchmaker in Naples to help you find someone who fits your lifestyle and desires in a partner.

Fortunately, there are matchmakers out there who are in the business to help you. J Allen Matchmaking takes the time to get to know you personally before setting you up on any dates and works with you to help many every date as successful as possible.

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